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Community groups demand reallocation of police funding to shelter and housing supports

Supporters of unhoused people rallied at City Hall

Living On A Houseboat In Bluffers Park Marina In Scarborough

Kate Fincham moved into her current floating home to escape Toronto rent prices
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National Housing Day Rally shines light on the abysmal housing situation in Toronto

Infrastructure of displacement has grown “immensely”
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The Myth of Affordable Housing in Toronto

Housing almost entirely out of reach for full-time minimum-wage workers

Policing the Neoliberal City

How overfunded Toronto Police violently discipline unhoused and working-class people

Disappearing Act: How an Encampment Whistleblower was Abducted by Police

Nullified arrest warrants used multiple times to justify arrest of Toronto encampment resident, Jordn Geldert-Hautala
Local News

East of Allan: City Officials Begin Push on Small Encampments Across the City

Encampment at Allan Gardens destroyed by city

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