e're happy to announce The Hoser is working with Hamilton cartoonist Simon Orpana. His wonderful work will be published at least once a month on our website and social media channels. We hope to work with a wide range of cartoonists and artists as we build our audience and Patronage.

Simon Orpana is an artist and educator who uses comics to explore social, political and historical realities. His writing has appeared in collections such as Zombie Theory: A Reader and in journals such as TOPIA. With Rob Kristofferson he made Showdown! Making Modern Unions, a graphic history of the role Hamilton workers played in establishing industrial unionism in Canada. His new book, Gasoline Dreams: Waking Up from Petroculture, a graphic narrative exploring the cultural barriers to more just and equitable relationships to energy, will be available from Fordham University Press in September 2021. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

You can check out Showdown! Making Modern Unions here.

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Apr 23, 2021
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