"The city needs to ask better questions in terms of long form solutions. Why are we living in groundhog day every winter? We know that these things are going to happen. We need to be talking about long term solutions in terms of housing." —Lorraine Lam, outreach worker at Sanctuary.
Lorraine Lam, outreach worker at Sanctuary.

In early February The Hoser was invited to a vigil in downtown Toronto to commemorate the lives of over 200 unhoused residents who died in the GTA in 2021.

Hosts Shannon Carranco and Kevin Taghabon investigate policy on the federal, provincial and city levels that have allowed for homelessness to grow exponentially since the early 90s. They speak to Lorraine Lam, an outreach worker at Sanctuary—a safe place for the unhoused community in downtown Toronto since 1992, and Gru, a member of the unhoused community and outspoken advocate for housing rights in the GTA.

This episode was produced by Eric Wickham of Big Shiny Takes.

OCAP Office across from Allan Gardens in downtown Toronto.
Gru spoke to hosts Shannon Carranco and Kevin Taghabon in the OCAP offices for the second episode of Short Circuit.

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Mar 17, 2022
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