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Connecting Legacies of Struggle: Solidarity to Black and Indigenous Communities

A list of Black and Indigenous educational speakers, artists and educators you should support.
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What Does Landback Mean? An explainer

In The Know With The Hoser is back, and this time we explain what the Landback movement is and stands for
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"He was one of the kindest, purest of heart people I ever knew."

Victims of anti-Islamic Hate Crime in London Identified

Rad May Reading and Film Recommendations

A taste of The Hoser's rad book and film recommendations for the month of May.
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This Year You Can Celebrate Toronto's May Day Rally over Zoom

The event will include speakers like Skyler Williams, Dr. Naheed Dosani, Niki Ashton and Paul Taylor

Why We Write

The HoserÔÇÖs charged foundation and why the GTA needs our own media
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A Resource List for Legal Representation and Support for COVID-19 Policing Measures

A resource list for legal representation and support for the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.
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The HoserÔÇÖs Mandate

A new place online for Toronto Journalism featuring in depth stories about things that matter to Torontonians and beyond.