On this third episode of Short Circuit hosts Shannon Carranco and Kevin Taghabon take a look at the state of labour in Ontario in the run up to the June 2nd provincial election. We begin with a visit to the University of Toronto where frontline service workers are fighting against the contracting out of secure, unionized public sector jobs.

We then head to the Worker's Action Centre in Toronto where executive director Deena Ladd walks us through some of their strategies employed at WAC as well as the Justice for Workers campaign.

Justice for Workers allies enter U of T building with CUPE 3261 workers. Photos by Shannon Carranco.

Finally, we speak to Jennifer Scott, president of Gig Workers United, an organization of app-based workers fighting for union recognition and decent work in Ontario. This episode was produced by Eric Wickham of Big Shiny Takes (Twitter: @ES_Wickham) with theme music from Alex from Haus of Decline (Twitter: @hausofdecline). If you like the journalism we are doing at The Hoser and would like to support our continued work, you can do so by subscribing to our Patreon.

CUPE 3261 petition for U of T's president, protesting contracting out of jobs. Photos by Shannon Carranco
CUPE 3261 President Allan James and coworkers deliver petition to U of T President's office. Photos by Shannon Carranco
Apr 22, 2022
Local News
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