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An Interview with new Canadian Labour Congress Secretary-Treasurer Lily Chang

In a candid interview, The Hoser spoke to CLCs's new Secretary-Treasurer Lily Chang about inflation, national pharmacare, and the CLC's support for the NDP
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Hundreds March on First National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Downtown Toronto

Matriarchal Circle lead Indigenous people and allies to Native Child and Welfare Services Toronto, denouncing past and ongoing genocide
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Plainclothes Toronto Police Arrest and Detain Organizers Leaving Peaceful Press Conference

Toronto Police Services followed lone organizers and put them in unmarked vans, holding them for several hours
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Police Violence at 14 Division Following Numerous Arrests at Lamport Stadium Encampment Defence

Toronto Police Officers indiscriminately attacked people at the front of a peaceful demonstration demanding information on detained homeless encampment defenders
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No Pride In Genocide Event Brings Thousands to Downtown Toronto

Indigenous-led coalition and community filled public square to remember the thousands of Indigenous children who died at Canadian Residential Schools

Interview with new Toronto and York Region Labour Council President Andria Babbington

The Hoser caught up with Andria Babbington at a picket line in Kensington Market she was attending in solidarity with striking Wine Rack workers
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Unifor Local 252 on Strike Against Nestl├ę

Workers at Nestl├ę factory in Toronto's west end strike against unfair wages, pension plans and health insurance.
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A Brief History of the International WorkersÔÇÖ Day in Canada

Learn about the origins of May Day and how it's celebrated today