e've got news! The Hoser is debuting our very first podcast: Short Circuit.

Every month journalists Kevin Taghabon and Shannon Carranco will dive into issues relating to housing, labour, and food insecurity in the Greater Toronto Area. Episodes of Short Circuit will include interviews with those who are directly experiencing the topics we're covering, as well as experts like researchers and academics.

We're teaming up with Big Shiny Takes' host Eric Wickham as our audio producer. Short Circuit is a proud member of The Harbinger Network, a community of listener supported podcasts.

Our first episode drops tomorrow, February 15th. It's about food banks in the GTA, the people who use them, and the increased demand they've seen throughout the pandemic. We also look at why they were never intended to permanently and sustainably combat food insecurity.

We got to interview GTA food bank organizer Jenifer Evans, and tenants who run a food bank at the West Lodge apartment buildings in Toronto's west end.

Here's a preview of Short Circuit. Give it a listen.

Feb 14, 2022
Local News

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