he London family that was senselessly murdered in a deliberately targeted anti-Islamic hate crime have been identified. Three generations of the Salman family were murdered on Sunday evening.

Madiha Salman was the mother of 15 year-old Yumna and 9 year-old Fayaz. Madiha was an Environmental Services Professional and had completed a Masters of Engineering Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering and a Bachelors of Civil Engineering. She was finishing her PhD at Western University in Civil Engineering.

Salman Afzaal was husband to Madiha and father to their two children. Originally from Pakistan, Salman was a physiotherapist and would often be seen at community cricket games. According to those close to him, Salman was deeply involved in projects at the mosque his family attended.

"He was one of the kindest, purest of heart people I ever knew. Harbored no ill-feelings for anyone, no grudges, nothing." -Ahmed Hegazy, family friend

Yumna was a Grade 9 student at Oakridge Secondary School. She had painted a mural in the basement of her elementary school, the London Islamic School. She was set to be asked to be a Grade 10 representative on the Muslim Students Association at Oakridge.

"We saw in her someone who is a passionate leader." -Hooriya Ansari, president of the Oakridge Muslim Students Association

Salman's Mother, 75, has not yet been identified. Fayez Afzaal, 9, is in the hospital with serious injuries but " is on the road to recovery," according to a statement from a family spokesperson. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has labeled the hate crime a terrorist attack.

A Gofundme for the Salman family has been set up: https://www.gofundme.com/f/salman-family-accident-relief

Naseeha is a Mental Health Hotline that offers support from 12pm to 12am seven days a week. Call 1 (866) 627-3342 or visit http://www.naseeha.org/

NISA is a Muslim WomenÔÇÖs helpline, it is open Monday to Wednesday, from 7-9pm, and Thursday and Friday morning, from 10-12pm. It can be used by anyone in Canada. Call toll free 1-888-315-NISA.

Jun 8, 2021
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