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Hundreds March on First National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Downtown Toronto

Matriarchal Circle lead Indigenous people and allies to Native Child and Welfare Services Toronto, denouncing past and ongoing genocide
Local News

Walking on the Cracks: Seeing Toronto with Two Eyes

A Photo Essay by The Hoser's first summer student, Kirsten Marshall
Local News

No Pride In Genocide Event Brings Thousands to Downtown Toronto

Indigenous-led coalition and community filled public square to remember the thousands of Indigenous children who died at Canadian Residential Schools

Do Not Laugh, Move or Breathe During the Freedom Song

"The unwritten rules of the national anthem are: Don’t walk. Don’t sit. Don’t slouch. Don’t giggle. Stand tall. Be quiet. Be still. And most importantly, be obedient." Two-Spirit academic, activist, beader, drummer, and social worker Shaya Macdonald writes about their relationship with the national anthem as a member of Benoit First Nation (Penwaaq L’nu’k), Ktaqmkuk with L’nu and French ancestry.

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