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Toronto Police Violence

VIDEO: People's Circle for Palestine at the University of Toronto Dismantled

The People’s Circle for Palestine at the University of Toronto (UofT) was dismantled after 63 days. The encampment left with the message that they refuse to be made into a spectacle for law and order ahead of an injunction ruling authorizing police to dismantle the encampment.
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Community groups protest against $48 million police budget increase, for reallocation of funds

Hundreds gathered outside City Hall to demand city money go towards community supports
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Family of U of T Student Who Was Violently Tasered and Pinned by Officers During Unlawful Detainment Sue Toronto Police

Police misconduct, city negligence: O'Gilvie Family sue TPS for over $1.6M
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Who Dies While Police Budgets Rise

A community discussion on police violence and the struggle to heal

Policing the Neoliberal City

How overfunded Toronto Police violently discipline unhoused and working-class people
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Lamport Stadium encampment defenders detail police violence and lawsuit against Toronto Police Services and the City

Two plaintiffs and their lawyer spoke to The Hoser about the July 21, 2021 violence and their hopes for the case

Disappearing Act: How an Encampment Whistleblower was Abducted by Police

Nullified arrest warrants used multiple times to justify arrest of Toronto encampment resident, Jordn Geldert-Hautala
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Plainclothes Toronto Police Arrest and Detain Organizers Leaving Peaceful Press Conference

Toronto Police Services followed lone organizers and put them in unmarked vans, holding them for several hours

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