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LTB sides with landlord to expedite AGI hearings, blindsides tenants

More than 100 tenants have withheld their rent in protest of their landlord's "outrageous" Above Guideline rent Increase
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Shelter Hotel Residents Call on New Mayor Olivia Chow to Stop Evictions

On Olivia Chow's first day as Toronto's mayor, Strathcona Hotel residents being pushed around in the city's shelter system call for immediate action.
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Migrant workers are bringing you a dose of reality with every bite

A new online campaign is letting migrant workers tell you their own stories while you order your next appetizer
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Sanctuary in name only: municipal governments don’t have the power to deliver the promise of sanctuary cities

Toronto declared itself a sanctuary city in 2013, but undocumented people continue to exist in a precarious space
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How to vote on Monday

Everything you need to know about voting for the municipal election
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Your Guide to The Mayoral Race: Tory vs. Peñalosa

A comparison of John Tory and Gil Peñalosa's mayoral platforms: Housing, Transit and Police
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Choice and Dignity: Sex workers rally against the criminalization of their industry

Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act criminalizes sex work industry, sex workers say

Immigrants tell their own stories in new anthology

The Stories of Us is a work of passion and love, and a learning tool authors hope newcomers can access